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Beacon of Light Tai Chi Store

Our downloadable videos,  and  books and DVD's on Amazon, are important forms of income for us. They help  to keep our service going. 

Amazon DVD's and Books

All our books and videos can be bought as DVD's from Amazon. All you need to do is to click on the picture of the DVD or book and you'll automatically be taken to the Amazon page to purchase it. 

Buy it- stream and  Download Videos Anytime
DVD's take time to arrive, and in there is always a chance the DVD doesn't work in your region. A much faster and cheaper way is to simply stream it from our website, and which you can download anytime. 

Rent it- stream it for 3 days (72 hours)

Another way is to rent the video, where you can stream it for 72 hours. This is of course far cheaper.

How do I stream a video from the website?
It's simple to do. Just click on the "£" on the video, and then it will ask you to "Log In". (if you haven't got an account simply click "Sign Up" and make one- your account is free and made automatically). Then just follow the link to Paypal and it's done! You'll then be able to log in again, anytime you want, to watch the video, or of course download it.


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