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The  Tai Chi master of St Benedicts Tai Chi is Clive George. Clive is one of the leading Tai Chi masters in the UK who has been learning Tai Chi for over 40 years. He studied Tai Chi under a disciple of the Yang Family itself, where he learned the Form he teaches unchanged to this day.  As well as being a Tai Chi master he is also a spiritual healer, and author of a number of Tai Chi book and videos. Under the pen name George Avalon he is the author of the book Tai Chi the Spiritual Way, which is available on Amazon. He has also published two videos:

·         Tai Chi the Beginners Way

·         Tai Chi the Martial Way

Both videos are available to stream from this website, with the profits going towards St Benedicts Tai Chi.

Teaching in London and Glastonbury, for many years Clive taught for one of the major sports and leisure companies in the UK. As well as adults, Clive also teaches children Tai Chi, and also taught in one of the top public schools in the country. A few years ago Clive retired from his professional Tai Chi career to form  St Benedicts Tai Chi, which teaches Tai Chi to the local Glastonbury community and those visiting this sacred isle. St Benedicts Tai Chi  is very unusual as it doesn't charge for lessons, the classes are FREE, but then St Benedicts Tai Chi  is itself very unusual.

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