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Tai Chi the Martial Way
The combat, martial and self-defence applications of Tai Chi

Length  1.07 hours

Full colour

Master: Clive George

Producer Beacon of Light Tai Chi

Underlying the soft and peaceful appearance of Tai Chi movements are devastatingly effective martial techniques. This DVD goes through, movement by movement, the self-defence, combat and martial applications of Tai Chi. Clive George, who has been studying martial arts since a child, and has been learning Tai Chi for over 30 years, demonstrates the traditional meaning of each move. Clive  then uses his extensive martial art experience to show further self-defence applications, how Tai Chi techniques can be used against modern street weapons (such as a knife, club, and baton), and reveals the ancient principles which makes Tai Chi one of the most devastatingly effective martial arts for the modern age.

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