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Tai Chi: The Beginners Way:
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Length  50 min

Full Colour

Master: Clive George

Producer Beacon of Light Tai Chi

The simple aim of this hour long video is to  give new beginners the best start possible.

In terms of actual exercise it consists of two 15 minute routines. The first routine has wonderful, gentle, easy to do movements which are brilliant for health and to completely chill you out. The second routine goes through the eight basic Tai Chi moves. These are the ABC of Tai Chi, and all other moves are simply variations. So by learning these 8 you have made a great start in learning all Tai Chi.
But along with practicing the routines,  to get the best possible start, it’s a good idea to know what you're doing. So this video also explains in plain English the 10 Tai Chi principles of Yang Cheng Fu, one of the greatest Tai Chi masters. This allows new beginners to avoid mistakes, and know good Tai Chi from bad Tai Chi. Because Tai Chi is a moving meditation Yang Cheng Fu last point is to seek stillness in movement.  So this video ends with an easy to do 10 minute seated Tai Chi meditation to really chill students out.