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FREE Tai Chi & Chi Kung Class

9.30-10.30am St Johns Church Glastonbury

The class  is held every Monday in the ancient nave of St John's Church, Glastonbury, England. This hour long class consists of gentle  Tai  Chi and Chi Kung movements  for health, vitality, and inner tranquillity. It is a perfect class for those just starting their Tai Chi journey, and for those who do not want to learn the Tai Chi Form (the long sequence). Afterwards some students follow me in  the Tai Chi Fan Form - you don’t need  to know the moves, and you are very welcome to join in. The class is part of St John's Walk-in-Café, so after the lesson please join us for a well earned sit down, with a FREE tea, coffee, cake, or something more healthy. Places are limited, so please let us know you are coming by sending us an email at, or by using the contact form below.

The class is suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels, and all you need to wear is loose fitting clothing. People just visiting Glastonbury are very welcome. The class is taught by Clive George, a Tai Chi master and spiritual healer, with over 40 years Tai Chi experience.​ 

​​Tai Chi is an ideal supplementary exercise for any  spiritual, healing, or meditational group. So if you are  involved in such a group, and think they would benefit from a Tai Chi course, demonstration, or seminar, then please visit our Invite Clive page.

Students normally start their Tai Chi journey in this class. But those who wish to progress can then learn the Original Tai Chi Form of Yang Cheng Fu by attending our St Benedicts Church class (hence the name of the school).

​The going rate for Tai Chi lessons is about £10/class, normally paid in advance. It is therefore very unusual not to charge for Tai Chi lessons, our classes are FREE, but then St Benedicts Tai Chi  is itself very unusual. We do not receive any funding, so in order to keep going we need your donations to help  pay for the Church, travel, electricity, keeping the website going etc. Donating £5, or  whatever you can afford, therefore helps us enormously.  You can either donate before or after each lesson, or by clicking the donate button below. Thank you 😊

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