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Invite Clive  to give a demonstration, seminar or course to your group

Tai Chi is an ideal supplementary exercise for any  spiritual, healing, or meditational group. If you are  involved in such a group, which you think would benefit from a Tai Chi course, demonstration, or seminar, then please send  Clive a message.


Groups can include:

·         Tai Chi schools

·         Yoga and Pilates schools

·         Church groups

·         Spiritualist Churches

·         Health Clubs

·         Healing groups

·         Martial art schools

·         Meditation groups

·                          ........ to name only a few

Just like our classes we do not charge for demonstrations, seminars or courses, they are FREE. However, so we are not out of pocket we do ask for our costs to be covered (travelling etc), and of course donations are also gratefully received to help keep our classes going.

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