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Visiting Glastonbury

Tai Chi on this sacred Isle of Glastonbury is an not  to be missed experience. You are very welcome to either attend one of our regular weekly classes,  book a 1-2-1 lesson, or we can arrange for one-off classes for a whole group. 


1-2-1 and whole group lessons can either be held indoors at locations in Glastonbury, or, weather permitting,  can be held outdoors at special locations such as the Tor, Chalice Well, and the Abbey. 1-2-1 and group lessons can be adapted to your own specific needs: those with previous Tai Chi experience and non-at-all, for both fit and unfit, young and old, and men and women.

For more information watch the video below


So make Tai Chi part of your Glastonbury experience by booking a 1-2-1 or group lesson in advance by emailing via our Contact Us Page