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St Benedicts Form Class
Tuesdays 10-11am 

Once you are comfortable with the individual Tai Chi moves, you are very welcome to join our Tuesday morning class to learn the Original Form of Yang Cheng Fu. 

A Form is the long sequence you see people practicing in parks, and on TV. Like an ancient keep fit video, a Form allows students to practice the Tai Chi moves by themselves without a master being present. There are many forms, some created by great masters, and others by Charlie-nobodies. The Form learned here is the original Form of that of Yang Cheng Fu, one of the greatest Yang style Tai Chi masters. This Form contains all the individual Tai Chi moves, each in their rightful place and facing the right direction.  It is a great work of art perfected by countless generations of great masters.

The class  is held every Tuesday in the ancient nave of St Benedicts Church, Glastonbury. It is our original class, and so the name St Benedicts Tai Chi. As it is far more enjoyable to learn the Form in a group,  students attend our Monday class in St John’s, and then join in the Tuesday class when a new group starts. But in Tai Chi you never stop learning. So even after completing the Form there are other more advanced Forms to learn such as the Fan, Sword, Staff, and Sabre.

While learning the Form, many students also keep attending our Monday class. This is because the Monday class focus' on the individual Tai Chi and Chi Kung moves where help them develop their inner Tai Chi understanding. 

Like our Monday St John’s class we do not charge- it is FREE. But as we do not receive funding donating £5 or whatever you can afford helps us enormously. You can do this either before or after a lesson, or online on our donate page.


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