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Spiritual Healing 

Clive George also uses the ancient Chinese wisdom of Qi Gong and Tai Chi for spiritual healing. The posture’s of Tai Chi's powerful healing Light washes away blockages in your spiritual centres and channels,  so promoting health, vitality, and inner tranquillity. Angels and guides (Yours and Clive’s)  are invited to assist and steer Clive in your healing. The same spiritual Light then flows into the Universe, removing blockages in your life and helping realign  you to your soul life purpose. Clive is one of the most experienced Qi Kung and Tai Chi masters in the UK. Learning  since a child, he has studied under some of the great masters of his time. He is now the master of Beacon of Light Tai Chi, and is the author of a number of books and DVD’s. Healing is given in his private studio on the gentle slope of Chalice Hill, Glastonbury, along the St Michael line. The session is non-invasive, takes about an hour, and you only need to sit, relax, and enjoy the session.


To  arrange an appointment please send Clive an email via our contact page

Healing is FREE, but our costs is expensive, so please donate what you can to keep us going. You can either donate before or after your session,  or online below.

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Clive with his Guardian Angel

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